Second Module Training for Timothy Leadership Training

TEEZ has developed a three year partnership with Timothy Institute of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and Verre Naasten of the Netherlands to provide capacity development programs to the local Churches in Zambia. The programs under the program brand of Timothy Leadership Training is a 7 Module course that takes between three to five years.

The program is aimed at building healthy churches and communities. Through this model of growing the Church, TEEZ is working in three pilot towns to support the different ministries of its member churches.

The three pilot towns are Kitwe, Ndola and Kabwe and is targeting about 200 Advanced Trainers. With the multiplier effect of the program, it is believed that this intial training will translate to 4000 Trainees being capacity built by the year 2020.

The first trainings were conducted in May, July and August, 2017 and covered the first Module in Pastoral Care-Caring for God's People.

The second Module for Kitwe will be Christian Stewardship and is scheduled for 15-18 November, 2017 at the United Church of Zambia St. Margaret's Congregation along Obote Road.

With the first module conducted and action plans implemented, the TLT students are alrady impacting their Churches and communities positively.