Church Based Business as Mission

The Church Based Business as Mission is a concept of Discipling Marketplace Leaders so as to be relevant in the daily lives of its members. In most Churches, more than 90% of the members are involved in the Marketplace in some way, yet many believe they have not been taught how to practically apply their faith to their daily life.Through this concept, TEEZ working with Church partners explores the three GREATS- the Great Commandment, the Great Commission and the Great Commitment in the light of our daily work.

Using this model TEEZ engages its participants as indivudual members and Christians in their work place to have a quadruple bottom line: spiritual, social, environmental, and economic which align with these 'Three Greats'.

Too often the Church sees business people as ATMs, Addendums to Mission. While they appreciate and need their help in funding programs they consider markeplace as one of darkness filled with vice and dishonest gain. at the same time business people see the local Church as a beggar who is always looking for money to fund the programs. They feel Pastors/Reverends/Ministers/Priests only see them for what they can give to the Church, not as active participants in the mission of the Church.

Africa is rising! Problems are everywhere, but God has created people as the means to solve problems through their divine creativity: people, made in the image of God, provide the solutions.

There is a new story being written in Africa. The new story is about people, not projects, about potential not poverty. Problems have become an opportunity to bring God's glory. The new story shifts the focus from alleviating poverty to increasing potential by empowering people. The new story understands that economic expansion and church growth must shift the focus from problems, to relasing the potential of creative people to fulfil their God given destiny.

As Africa grows and expands its capacity, it is destined to be a major force politically, economically, socially and missionally in the global village.

Therefore, the Church must decide what role it is to play in the expanding economic power of the Africa.